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What our clients say about us

“When I first met my physical therapist Amber, I was struggling to make transfers from my bed to the wheelchair, and needed her assistance to try and stand with the walker. After a few visits she talked with me about setting some goals. At the time, I was quite depressed: I hadn’t walked for approximately two years and really didn’t feel like setting any goals. Although the road toward recovery had its bumps, Amber’s technique not only strengthened me physically, but also gave me a renewed desire to walk—and even golf—once again. Through her encouragement “you will walk again,” I’m walking again! Thank you for sending Amber!

“Carolyn is wonderful, warm, caring, informative, and a great asset to your organization. She made me want to do my exercise program to get better faster! Thank you!”

“Jen has gone above and beyond her job responsibilities. She is so kind and has the patience of a saint! You are very lucky (as we are) to have such a nurse.”

What medical discharge planners say about us

“We received a call from Michael M. to let us know Agnes is a great nurse. Agnes is gentle with him. He is highly fearful of needles—but said he cannot even feel the needle when Agnes gives it. He said she is ‘super duper’ and we should do anything we can to keep her. She should be ‘nurse of the day, the week, and the year.’ He has an upcoming surgery and would love to have Agnes back.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work as we keep the referrals coming.”

“Eileen and Kathleen were able to cover shifts for a patient who cannot be left alone when a caregiver from another agency had a last-minute change in schedule. This patient has a complicated schedule, and you have been very reliable and timely in filling all the shifts with familiar staff so he does not need to go without coverage.”

“Stacy went above and beyond the call to teach this patient. I plan to tell my colleagues at the medical center. Your service is professional, you have great communication and follow-through, and went ‘outside the box’ teaching and finding patient solutions.”

“I want to commend Beatrice for a job well done with one of our clients and their family members. This case was particularly difficult, as the family lives out of state. Beatrice handled the situation with poise and professionalism. I also want to add that all your staff does a remarkable job. Please let Beatrice and the rest of the staff know we appreciate all the hard work, and that it does not go unnoticed.”

“Throughout our client’s treatments and hospice, Debbie was extremely flexible with her schedule and went above and beyond the obligations of a home health aide (HHA) to ensure that this client was as comfortable as possible in her final days. Debbie was willing to provide services seven days a week, and was also agreeable to an “on-call” schedule, where the client could call anytime she needed assistance with incontinence management. Finally and with approval, Debbie stayed with the client for six hours until a hospice nurse arrived shortly after the client passed. Debbie’s commitment to the comfort and quality of life of her clients is commendable and exemplifies this agency’s mission statement.”

What our employees say about us

“Why do I love being a home health nurse with Medical Resources Home Health? I was tired of literally punching a time clock and being inside a hospital or clinic all the time. Medical Resources gives you frequent changes of setting. I wanted to be more of my own boss. Medical Resources offers lots of autonomy and less office or desk time than many nursing jobs. I have the opportunity to create my own schedule, and working part-time is always an option. I like that it’s not usually a quick visit—patients and families take more time, which allows me to get to know them.”

“Sometimes, you make all the difference in the world to a patient and their family. You feel like a real nurse again.”

“Medical Resources Home Health provides me with convenient office locations close to major highways, reasonable caseloads, competitive wages, and accommodating administrative management whose open-door policy fosters staff collaboration.”

“Working in home care is rewarding for so many reasons. The ability to spend time in a patients home and get to know their family helps me to develop goals that are obtainable and involve the patient. Being able to help patients remain in their home safely and gain back their independence is why I have been a home care nurse for 25 years. Medical Resources’ team approach and dedication to quality patient outcomes is why I have chosen to work for them. The focus on holistic nursing including behavioral health sets them apart from other agencies.”

“I’ve worked in all different settings, but I enjoy home care the most because I feel I can truly make a difference in my patients’ lives by making them as safe as possible so they can remain in their home for as long as possible. It’s the only setting in which I can see the obstacles a patient has to face, and then assist the patient to make changes to lessen them. Patients truly appreciate us coming to their homes to provide services. It is a very satisfying and fulfilling job. I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. In home care, you have autonomy. You work closely with your team members, but you are alone in a patients’ home and you are the one responsible for treating the patient.”

“I have worked for many companies in the home care setting. I have been with Medical Resources for about five years. The main reason I like working here is the staff. I work with great clinicians and they are always willing to help me. I get the sense they want to do as much for their patients as I do to improve overall quality of life. The supervisors and managers are extremely easy to approach and are always willing to listen. They have been extremely supportive of me. I constantly get calls from other facilities for job opportunities. But I feel supported here and that’s why I stay!”

“I have worked for MRHHC for four years now and I am very satisfied with my job. The team I work with is always there when needed. We work very well together. I have not come across a single person that was not willing to help or give advise when asked.”