OrthoCare@Home. Because the first 14 days after discharge can make all the difference to regaining full mobility–sooner.

The OrthoCare@Home program has been developed to help patients discharged after orthopedic surgery regain their mobility and independence at home, using our time-tested Healthy@Home approach.

Recent data confirm that patients using this approach experienced the return of “freedom of motion” sooner than those receiving traditional post-surgical care.

What does the OrthoCare@Home approach include?

  • Rehabilitation Clinical Nurse Coordinator
  • Physical and Occupational Therapist
  • Orthopedic Trained and Certified Home Health Aides

OrthoCare@Home from MRHH is the proven, time-and-patient tested approach to help you get back on your feet sooner–right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


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