Healthy@Home. Because the first 14-days after discharge can make all the difference.

Research shows that nearly 50% of all people discharged from a hospital or rehab center after major surgery will end up back in the hospital within 14 days. Yet many of these readmissions could have been avoided.

Which is why we developed our Healthy@Home service. It’s been created precisely to help people recover in their homes and avoid repeated hospital admissions. How? By focusing all our considerable resources on the critical 14-day period, just after hospital discharge, when individuals are most likely to stray from prescribed regimens.

What does the Healthy@Home approach include?

  • a multi-disciplinary team focused on life-improvement behavior
  • frequent in-depth assessments to enhance care management
  • on-going communication including daily telephone triage and personalized alerts for doctors’ appointments as well as referrals to other community based support