MRHH Behavioral Health. Helping individuals regain their independence, one day at a time.

The Medical Resources Home Health Behavioral Health Program has been developed to add the important dimension of personal monitoring, education and on-going support to the continuum of care for people with behavioral health issues. Quite often, this level of daily, person-centric care can make all the difference for individuals struggling to regain their independence.

Using this approach, MRHH has become the largest behavioral health care provider in the state of Massachusetts and has helped ease the struggle for thousands of people.

Our behavioral health nurses are trained to help in:

Treatment Planning – nurses participate on treatment teams to provide a perspective based on day-to-day observation.

Medication Reconciliation – nurses contact the community prescriber to review medication changes that may have been made by an inpatient facility.

Pharmacy Coordination – nurses pick up medications from the pharmacy if needed and work with the pharmacies to ensure correct medications are provided.

Recovery-Oriented Services – nurses work with clients to maximize independence through skill teaching and the use of natural supports.

Engagement – nurses coach on the importance of attending appointments, prompt and cue client to prepare for upcoming appointments including identifying transportation and scheduling.

Communication – nurses contact primary care facilities with any changes to the client’s presentation.

Wellness Skills Teaching – nurses provide health and wellness skills teaching, diabetic teaching and prompts to help the client make better decisions regarding their health.

MRHH Behavioral Health is a proven, time-and-patient tested approach to help individuals regain their independence in their home.