Medical Resources Home Health is on the forefront of developing programs that will benefit the upcoming strategic plans of Massachusetts to keep individuals in their homes as functioning community participants.  In addition, Medical Resources is actively involved in many initiatives to reduce hospitalizations.  We have identified and are actively involved in a chronic care program for those patients that are at risk of re-hospitalizations due to their disease process.  Further, we provide skilled home care services to facilitate and expedite the transition from emergency room to home for those patients who do not meet hospital admission criteria.

Medical Resources Home Health cares for the Behavioral Health population.  Although many programs have been scrutinized by the state, we continue to provide a Behavioral Health Recovery Program, one of the few offered in the state.  Through this program, we work with the individuals and the family in order to ensure patients can remain functional in their own homes.  In addition to our behavioral health program, Medical Resources also offers orthopedic, cardiac, diabetic management and wound care programs.